A message to our customers

5th October

Competitiveness of MPF Plans

MPF continuously compares our plans with other insurers to ensure we offer our members reliable, value-for-money medical insurance. Our latest review confirms the MPF Premium Plan to be competitive when compared to plans with similar benefits from other insurers whilst the MPF Premium Plus Plan was found to be extremely competitive when compared to other insurers with the cheapest comparable plan being almost €1,000 dearer per person. If you were to purchase a similarly priced Plan to MPF Premium Plus in the open market you would have excesses of between €75 to €125 per Hospital claim and significantly reduced cover in Mater Private Hospital and Blackrock Clinic.


MPF Covid-19 Update for members

10th September 2020

Pre-Admission Covid Test fees

MPF are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached with all private Hospitals who have been charging a fee for pre-admission Covid Tests to pay this expense directly on your behalf.
Our members will not now be required to pay this expense as the Hospitals will charge MPF directly with effect from today.
If you have already paid such a fee since July 1st 2020, please forward your itemised receipt accompanied by a Benefit Claim form to the MPF office to claim a full reimbursement of same.

MPF Team

7th July 2020

Covid-19 Screening and Testing fees

Some hospitals have introduced a requirement for patients to have a Covid19 test prior to admission for procedures.
Currently no agreement exists to contribute to or cover this expense but the Trustees of ESB Medical Provident Fund will review this matter at their next meeting in late July.
Members will currently need to pay this expense but should hold on to their receipts and if the Trustees do decide to apply some form of cover, it will be backdated to July 1st 2020.

MPF Team

8th June 2020

Letter from MPF Fund Manager - see attached.

30th April 2020

The MPF office is pleased to advise that it has resumed its normal customer care and advisory service. We can be contacted on 061 430561 or by email to mpf@esb.ie . Because of the large volume of phone calls we are currently experiencing, it may be necessary on occasions to leave a message with your name and contact number but be assured your call will be returned.

MPF are currently assessing the claims submitted by members since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed and are endeavouring to process the appropriate reimbursements as swiftly as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Stay safe.

MPF Team

23rd April 2020

In light of the Covid-19 crisis and the potential impact on private health insurance cover (primarily delaying certain private procedures) the Trustees of ESB Medical Provident Fund have agreed the following rebate for members for the period April to June inclusive 2020:

MPF Premium Plan member
Adult Over 25 years of age  €90  (€30 per month)
Adult 24-25 Age      €75  (€25 per month)
Adult 23-24 Age      €60  (€20 per month)
Adult 22-23 Age      €60  (€20 per month)
Adult 21-22 Age      €45  (€15 per month)

MPF Premium Plus Plan member
Adult Over 25 years of age  €150  (€50 per month)
Adult 24-25 Age      €135  (€45 per month)
Adult 23-24 Age      €120  (€40 per month)
Adult 22-23 Age      €105  (€35 per month)
Adult 21-22 Age      €90  (€30 per month)

The rebates will be paid over 3 months to subscribers in May, June and July 2020 and will be based on membership on the last day of the month for which the rebate is being processed.
The Trustees will further review the situation at the end of this 3-month period.

MPF Team

Welcome to The ESB Medical Provident Fund


What is ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund?

Medical Provident Fund is a non-profit, contributory medical insurance scheme, founded in 1955 for ESB members and their families. It is a Restricted Membership Undertaking. We have been providing reliable, value-for-money medical insurance to ESB staff for 60 years.

MPF is more than just a healthcare package. Instead, membership of MPF means you are part of a community, one where your care is what we care about most. Our latest news will always be available here.

The MPF Administration Office is based in the ESB complex at Rosbrien, Limerick.

All claims and membership correspondence should be forwarded to:

ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund,
P.O. Box 384,


phone MPF phone: 061 430561 or Ext 55361

email MPF email: mpf@esb.ie

fax MPF fax: 061 430500


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