Welcome to The ESB Medical Provident Fund


What is ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund?

Medical Provident Fund is a non-profit, contributory medical insurance scheme, founded in 1955 for ESB members and their families. It is a Restricted Membership Undertaking. We have been providing reliable, value-for-money medical insurance to ESB staff for 60 years.

MPF is more than just a healthcare package. Instead, membership of MPF means you are part of a community, one where your care is what we care about most. Our latest news will always be available here.

The MPF Administration Office is based in the ESB complex at Rosbrien, Limerick.

All claims and membership correspondence should be forwarded to:

ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund,
P.O. Box 384,


phone MPF phone: 061 430561 or Ext 55361

email MPF email: mpf@esb.ie

fax MPF fax: 061 430500


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