Why MPF?

This is a pertinent question, since there are so many health insurers out there. So what makes MPF special?

MPF has many benefits, but in a nutshell

  • Managed and run by ESB Staff.
  • Non-Profit, with a complete focus on members' needs.
  • Simplicity of Plans - MPF has just three plans.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Direct Payment for most hospitals.
  • Deductions made directly from your salary.
  • You are not tied into a contract.

MPF is a 'non-profit' organisation, which means it is not about shareholder profit or increasing the bottom line, rather about the benefits and services we can offer to members, to best serve their health requirements.

Our ethos is simple, 100% focus on individual care. Ultimately, the key objective of MPF is to offer members the highest standard of service, at an affordable cost. Should a healthcare situation arise, MPF prioritises guiding you through the process in a knowledgeable, calm manner, offering you peace of mind when you need it most.


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